Nathanial Garrod
    Nathanial Garrod

    Nathanial suggests that you give Smashrun a try...

    • A cool, clean, and straight forward way to keep track of your running
    • Import your running history from Garmin, Strava, Suunto, Coros, Polar, Fitbit, MapMyrun, Runtastic and many other sources.
    • Earn badges and get motivation from friends

    Import and analyze your entire running history

    Check out these profiles to get an idea: Chris, Jacklyn, Steve.

    Train smart

    Identify trends, evaluate relative improvement, and track performance over time.

    Break through milestones

    Earn training badges based on cumulative mileage, frequency of runs, and speed training.

    See how you compare

    Track your progress against runners of the same sex, age group, and/or affinity.

    Know what's exceptional

    Notables are things that are special about a particular run.

    Some of the notables we track include:

    • fastest speed, overall, for certain distances
    • highest calories per minute burned
    • fastest mile and kilometer splits
    • lowest average and maximum HR